If you are familiar with the internet, ( who isn’t? ) you’ve seen the videos on Facebook, YouTube, and the news, of video bloggers and do-gooders on the streets trying to bring up the kindness karma levels. The videos show ladies and gents handing out food or toiletries to homeless on the streets, offering the elderly rides, and sometimes surprising total strangers with awesome random gestures of kindness.

But who are these people? I have wondered this, and also the what, where, and most specifically the why, that they would go out of their way to be totally awesome. I reached out to one of these guys that I have been following to find out the answers to all my curiosities.

I wasn’t disappointed.

The name, Aspire To Inspire, represents one man’s dream to hit the streets, do as much good as possible, help as many people as he can, and to embrace the lifestyle of loving your neighbor.  You can find his videos on his YouTube channel. They feature a fun and upbeat group of characters on the streets of Detroit, trying to do good in a city that has the reputation of anything but.  They have done incredible things ranging from helping the homeless to giving strangers a designated driver on St. Patrick’s Day; one of the most popular days to get pulled over for DUIs.

Some of the videos feature a group of guys pulled from the street to be featured because they were happily dancing and enjoying life. How awesome is that!? The world can certainly use more happiness and we need more coverage of it. That’s the message they offer, be kind and spread happiness.

I gave them a homework assignment. I gave them a list of questions I had, and they were so happy to oblige that I got what I asked for and more! They answer all my questions in the videos above. Give them a watch!

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