Here are more than 100 online learning and activity websites for your children. Lots of printable, interactive education, and fun for your kids.

I have many mom friends who struggle to keep their kids busy while stuck at home. Are you one of them? Here are some sites that will help you keep your kiddos busy and hold their interests. I’ve checked every single one of these sites I’ve listed. They are all creep scale zero and I excluded all the ones you need an adobe player to use. I like easy-peasy and fun things for my kids and I think your kids will love these as well.

If this looks like your kid at home trying to concentrate and you need help, I hope you find what you need in the links below. I have included a complete learning list. You will find education about musical instruments, classical art, interactive math games, reading help, constitutional guides and more.

Have fun learning and be sure to tell me your favorite sites in the comments!



There are so many activities you already have available to you that you can do or create with your kids at home. Here are some ideas and links to things you can do with your kids for free!

  1. Fingerpaint
  2. Make homemade play doh
  3. Build a Teepee in your backyard with sticks and brush
  4. Coloring contests
  5. Drawing contests
  6. Puzzles you haven’t looked at in ages
  7. Teach them how to hand sew a pillow with old scrap materials. 
  8. Write letters for people living in assisted living facilities. 
  9. Write letters to family and mail them out. 
  10. Help your kids start their own business raking yards or helping the elderly. 
  11. Organize your game area or create a gaming/puzzle table for you to all meet at to play together
  12. Cards. Teach them to play go fish, solitaire, gin, rummy, peanut, or other card games. 
  13. Write letters to your future selves and make a time capsule to open in a set amount of time as a family. 
  14. Watch your favorite childhood movie with your kids and tell them your favorite parts and why you loved it. After watching your favorite with the, ask what their favorite movie scenes are. They might surprise you.
  15. Cartwheeling and gymnastics- move everything out of the living room and let them tumble around without breaking anything
  16. Kids charades- get on teams or go solo and have them act out something and whoever guesses the thing, wins, or gets a point
  17. Make a comic book.
  18. Check out one of the links below and get learning and playing together!


Online Learning, Activity, and Learning Sites for your Children

  12. A how to cook and recipe website
  14. A creative video and image making website that teaches different topics 
  16. Teaches kids how to code
  24. Learn about animals in their habitats.
  26. Check out your favorite LGBs.
  27. A Constitutional learning website
  29. Where your favorite actors read books out loud for your kids. 
  31. From the Magic Tree House books!
  32. Learning Geography
  34. A fun math computer game site
  35. Science experiments for kids
  36. A grammar learning site
  37. Learn about animals. From UofM learning. 
  38. Learning for kids around the world
  39. A website about nursery rhymes. Super interesting!
  40. Educational videos from all the subjects for kids!
  41. Learn about cells with interactive games
  42. Learn and read about Science
  43. A super fun game website that teaches kids of all ages. I enjoyed the games myself.
  44. a virtual piano kids can play with a keyboard
  45. Create and publish your own kids books by designing your own characters and uploading your story. 
  47. Learn new words and play word games
  48. Learning punctuation and grammar
  49. Created by 2 scientists, a husband a wife, to help children fall in love and learn with science. 
  50. an award winning educational website
  51. everything math where you are taught by instructors of your choice. 
  52. Free kids audio books
  53. A collection of the arts from music, dance, theatre and more
  54. interactive math simulations for middle school and up
  55. an interactive science website for learning
  56. a variety of puzzles and games for kids to play
  57. a fun agriculture and farming education site
  58. how to make science toys for kids
  59. Um, it’s BILL NYE, so it’s awesome. 
  60. Fun chemistry and science projects for kids
  61. Science News FOR kids
  62. History lessons for younger kids
  63. The farmers almanac for kids
  64. learn other languages for free
  65. audio books for kids
  66. A young writers guide
  67. A math website
  68. A math playground
  69. a kid’s guide to the us government
  70. an equality and social justice teaching website for kids
  71. a youtube channel about liberty kids, a young government series
  72. library of congress for kids and families
  73. virtual museum tours for kiddos
  74. a youtube channel that teaches kids science
  75. dk kids guide to science
  76. \national geographic for children
  77. San Diego Zoo live cams
  78. Smithsonian Zoo live cams
  79. a youtube channel that teaches different topics for kids
  80.  explore and learn about nature
  81. the periodic table for kids
  82. animal knowledge videos
  83. kids educational videos and games
  84. science exploration for kids
  85. art teaching and projects for kids
  86. classical music learning for kids
  87. musical teaching for kids
  88. a podcast for curious kids
  89. a podcast for kids and their families to explore the world around them 
  90. a listening and learning activity website for kids
  91. a physical movement activity website
  92. live cams and learning for kids
  93. virtual musical instruments for kids
  94. art education for kids
  95. art education for kids
  96. science and learning lessons
  97. teaching guides and activities
  98. a geographic exploration website
  99. ted talks
  100. the who was series website
  101. games for social justice and culture 
  102. learning how to type on a keyboard
  103. reading skills for kids
  104. history for kids
  105. interactive constitutional guide
  106. a history activity
  107. create visual animations
  108. geo guide for kids
  109. learn about the human body

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