10 ways to make a legitimate income from home in your own business

Are you tired of leaving your babies at the daycare to go to a job you hate? Do you have goals to retire early? Do you want to have more joy in your life? Do you want to build a legacy business to leave to your children? Do you have a passion for creating that can bring in income? Are you a people person with a knack for networking? Do you have experience in a specific niche that you want to help other people with? That was me. Now the only person that bosses me is my sassy 4 year old and I’m okay with that.

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There are lots of ways to work from home but sometimes the trouble is having too many or not enough options. Sometimes you don’t even know where to start! Switching careers can be overwhelming, but we want to help you! Here are 10 Work From Home jobs you can start and grow from scratch or do while your baby sleeps until you are ready to leave your current sucky job. After you read this, send me a message and let me know if you have any questions or need any help in finding more info about a specific fiend and how to get started. (Let me help you! I love it! [email protected] )

There are several ways to start your own business from home. Here are 10 ways to start your own business at home with some pros and cons for each. We have gathered a list of several home based businesses that require little to no startup costs. If you are already doing any of these home businesses, we would love to know what you do! At the End of this article, we will include links you can use to find some of these businesses to help you get started now!

MLM – Multi Level Marketing has been very popular for many years. These are businesses like ItWorks, Avon, MaryKay, Young Living, Monat and so many more. A lot of these businesses require a start up fee or purchase of their products in a starter kit to sell on your own.  Most of them have a network set up for training and assistance to help you get started. Part of being in this model is building a “team” of your own where you become responsible for training and assisting your team. Then as your team grows and succeeds, so do you.

Arbonne, Beachbody, Young Living, Mary Kay, Color Street, Avon, Itworks, Paparazzi 


Virtual assistant – Virtual assistants are a growing asset to small businesses and some larger businesses. This is a growing business worldwide and becoming more and more popular among women who have professional backgrounds but want to work from home on their own schedule. Virtual assistants do a wide range of tasks from social media marketing, to data entry and customer service. This is one of the few home businesses that doesn’t require a start up fee or costly equipment. If you already have a computer or even a tablet you can be a virtual assistant. 

               Here are some Virtual Assistant Communities  to get involved with.




Photographer – There are a ton of hobby photographers but there are also a lot of successful career photographers. There are several niches that can be chosen like family, kids, weddings, special events, seniors, sports and even animals/pets. Although this can be a very rewarding career it can get costly with all the equipment involved. 

Some of my favorite Business Leaders started with a cheap camera and now have super successful careers. Jasmine Starr and Jenna Kutcher are great motivators and even better teachers in Photography and business.

award winning wedding photographer, romantic photography
This is my business if you want to check out how I set up my sites.

I personally use the Nikon D850 because I like the full from and mirrorless features, but here is a lower cost option with some extras to get you started! Both are great options for Photography.


Transcriptionists – Transcriptionists can make a great living from home if you can type 90+ words per minute with minimum errors. The faster you can type the more money you can make. Clients would consist of doctors, lawyers, insurance agencies, and even courtrooms. Someone is always typing everything that is said during trials, so this is a very important role. There can be some costs involved with special keyboards for typing and gear for playing back audio. This can also be a tricky career if your client sends audio with a lot of background noise or if they have a heavy accent that makes it hard to understand. 


Blogger – Blogging has become very popular and making money with blogging is becoming easier. If you know what your blogging niche is and have a good following you could promote products for commission or allow other companies to advertise on your website.

 ex.Check out WordPress or sites like Godaddy to get started.



Vlogger – Like blogging but on video! Vlogging is one of the fastest growing businesses because it works. People love watching others that they can relate to. If you’ve ever been through something life altering or struggled and can turn it into motivational, entertaining or educational then you’ve got gold. People buy from those they know and trust and vlogging is the best way to gain trust by putting yourself out there for others to relate to. And just like Blogging, if there is a product or service that you swear by then use it to your advantage. Make a deal with that company to promote them for a commission. Keep in mind there are costs with camera equipment, lighting and microphones involved. 

ex.YouTube Is the most popular platform for Vlogging but Facebook Live and Instagram Live are also effective in reaching an audience.

Affiliate Marketing – This is one of my favorites. Affiliate marketing is simply promoting other’s products and services for a commission. So, think about Facebook and all the ads you see in your news feed. The people who create and post those ads are very likely affiliate marketers and when you purchase from them, the price of the product doesn’t change if you were to buy directly from the company, but the owner of the ad just got paid for you buying from their link. There are companies that will allow you to be an affiliate without any money down for a membership but there are also educational programs that teach you everything about being an affiliate marketer that do cost money. Usually about $100/month membership but tons of value. 

ex. Amazon Affiliate Marketing 

Event Planner – Event planning is another fun and creative career path. Although it can be stressful in making sure that all the results are perfect for your clients, the financial gain can be massive. Depending on your niche there could be a cost for supplies or booking fees that you could add to your client’s invoice. For example, booking stages for seminars might require a deposit that could be charged to your client at the time of payment. 


Coaching – Do you find that you’re able to motivate people or get them to notice things about themselves like destructive patterns? Then coaching might just be your calling. There are several different types of coaches in several niches like, nutrition, career, business, health and wellness, parenting, and self-development. There are programs that allow you to become certified and allow you to charge more for being specially trained. Many coaches have been known to bring in 6 figures within their first year. 


Online Shop – Selling items in an online store or even through Facebook marketplace has been a profitable side hustle for many people. Selling items like homemade crafts or secondhand items have been known to be on the rise for consumers. If you have a special talent looking into selling your items might be the way to go. There are many platforms to sell on such as Etsy, Letgo, Ebay, and even Amazon! Be aware that the costs for this business can build up in shipping costs and supplies, if you’re selling crafts, or product costs if you’re reselling items. 

ex. Etsy, woocommerce, godaddy.com

Business Trainers and Coaches to Follow

Christy Wright


Jamie Joslin King


Jenna Kutcher


Rachel Hollis


Hillary Deanstreet

Jasmine Star


Brooke Allison

Links to use, research, and start your business today!

GoDaddy  https://uk.godaddy.com/

Wix Blog https://www.wix.com/html5bing/hiker-blog?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=ms_us_e_cpc_June_2016^bl_blog_oka&experiment_id=blog^be^79302393230201^blog&msclkid=b4b364bcdf261f08351f3ae0f31c8790

WordPress https://wordpress.com/

Compare MLM types and their compensation plans

How to start a transcription home business- https://www.wikihow.com/Start-a-Transcription-Service

WooCommerce- https://woocommerce.com/?aff=8607&cid=762800

Etsy- https://www.etsy.com/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=etsy_e&utm_campaign=Search_US_Brand_BNG_General-Brand_Core_All_HP_Exact&utm_ag=A1&utm_custom1=65bce8f5-4445-40ea-b260-3fad95127b07&utm_content=bing_131876476_2730742026_81638752128677_kwd-38923007297:loc-190_c_&utm_custom2=131876476&msclkid=a84411c4e3d411a71a504f98cde88717

Shopify- make your own store online- https://www.shopify.com/free-trial?jk=selling%20items%20online&utm_source=yabing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=128451716&bingadgroupid=3957795601&bingadid=76622217021705&bingkeywordid=76622320834454&bingnetwork=o&BOID=none&msclkid=e048a896e92913f14607f6cac742c668&gclid=CO_u1Zuh-ucCFW2ixQIdjqkDdw&gclsrc=ds

Ebay-buy and sell your items online- https://www.ebay.com/

Amazon affiliate program- https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/influencers/home



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