Lady Business Mastermind

Sharing Knowledge, Goal Setting,

Accountability of Peers, and Success Sharing.

The Lady Business Mastermind is here for you to succeed and reach your set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. You will be required to participate weekly and monthly. We will be working together during the week and taking the weekend off. We will meet in a zoom chat to meet and set intentions for the next week. This group is designed to help you grow on a personal and professional level.

Personal requirements to succeed in this group you must have a strong desire to succeed, be able to set measurable and reasonable personal and business goals, be consistent, be willing to offer help and advice when able, and support fellow mastermind members.

What you will get

  • Instant Support
  • Shared Progress and Positive Group Energy
  • Increase in Confidence
  • Daily Motivation
  • Peer Accountability
  • Idea Sharing and Brainstorming
  • A dedicated Support Manager
  • A personal Research Guide

Women who understand your journey in business and real life friendships.

As Facilitator

  • I promise to be there for the group and for each person in it.
  • My time, conscious attention, and commitment to the success of the group.
  • I agree to fulfill the duties outlined.


only $199 per month

or $2189 per year when paid in full.

With a one time payment you get a month of mastermind for FREE. 

Please contact me if your heart is in it for this group but your bank account is not. We can work something out for you.

TO Pay Monthly Payments
Mastermind One Time Payment


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