When I first heard the term ‘small shops’ I thought it was just a tiny store. I was super wrong. Since discovering the true meaning of small shop and the communities that surround them, I have a great respect and appreciation of what they do.

Small shops are businesses run mostly by women, family members, or friends turned business partners. They sell art, beauty products, jewelry, clothing and more. Many of the products are handmade, locally sourced, and straight from the hearts of the owners.

Many of the small shops operate primarily online, you won’t find them in malls, they don’t mail out monthly catalogs, and chances are your friends have never heard of them. However, they are a huge asset to the economy and provide incomes to many families and give power to women to own their own businesses.

I’m going to share some of my favorite small shops with you and give you the links you need to fall in love with them too!

I have window shopped this store so much that I could recommend individual items by heart. I’m just about drooling on myself over all the nautical themed sterling silver jewelry.  If you have a mermaid heart like I do, or you love sea turtles, nautical knots, or anything else beachy, then you have to shop her collection!


Some of my favorite pieces are the mermaid bubble ear climbers and the wave rings. She has a new Mermaid Tail ring that I had to get, of course! Most of her pieces come in either silver or gold to fit your style. Her unique and handmade Jewelry is sure to go with your beach babe style!

“I started making handmade jewelry because I wanted to make items that came from the heart. I believe everyone should own something handmade, even if it’s just one thing. There’s something special about handmade items that you can feel when you hold them. I think that something special is love. With every piece of jewelry I make, I like to think I send out a little bit of love with it. I think that’s something everyone deserves to have.” -Jen

Email- [email protected]

Website- www.nauticalwheelerjewelry.com

Instagram- www.instagram.com/nauticalwheeler


If you’re a badass mom and love it when your kids are cute and comfortable then Ice by Issa is your place.  They have the most adorable and punny sayings with sweet graphics. “Mom made, kid-approved, custom apparel & jewelry for you and your loved ones.”  

What i love about Ice by Issa is their ‘Just for Dads’ section, the handmade amber necklaces, and the plaid head wrap. Their designs are so cute it’s actually hard to pick a favorite, but with 3 kids I’m sure I could easily go on a shopping spree and end up with some happy babes.

Email- [email protected]

Website- www.icebyissa.com

Instagram- www.instagram.com/icebyissa


If you love beautiful prints and buttery soft fabrics then you will want all of what Little Sleepies offers!  As a boy mom with 2 baby princesses I totally dig all the dinos and mermaid sleepers and rompers.

One of the items that caught my eye was the Superhero Baby & Toddler Bamboo zip romper/sleeper. It was so cute that I wanted to put all of my kiddos in them and make them run around the house so I could snap pics of them being adorable.

I love that they have sets for siblings to match and how the fabrics are washer friendly without losing softness.  Check them out and fall in love with me!

Email- [email protected]

Website- www.littlesleepies.com

Instagram- www.instagram.com/littlesleepies


There really aren’t enough awesome words to describe how cool this company is. They specialize in reusable beeswax food wraps and environmentally sustainable products. THEY HAVE REUSABLE METAL STRAWS!! If you care about cute AND eco-friendly products then I hope you take the time to check out their products. You’ll be glad you did.

I know that these would make great gifts for anyone on your list for birthdays, christmas, house warming, etc because you can feel great knowing that you save the world and they’re cute too! The mermaid life BEESwax food wraps design happens to be my favorite. NO bias at all (yes, there is.)

Email- [email protected]

Website- www.labeille.co

Instagram- www.instagram.com/labeille.co

Phone- (705) 440-7852


If you are a mommy, an aunty, grammy, or are shopping for the littles in your life, you NEED to check out this shop. They have the cutest holiday themed and custom clothes for kids! I may have to recommend some Green Bay Packer Gear, because I heart me some #GOPACKGO gear, obviously.

They had some super cute and sweet Valentine’s Day shirts and if you are a lover of St. Patrick’s Day they can hook you up! Another thing I love about O Sew Crazy Ltd. Co. is their easy to navigate website that makes it easy and fun to find exactly what you want and need.

Email- [email protected]

Website- www.osewcrazy.com

Instagram- www.instagram.com/osewcrazy


Is your kid as obsessed with Trolls and Poppy as mine are? Do you love Trolls yourself like I do? Then you will probably dig the Troll themed headbands. And they would be perfect for Easter photos also! Speaking of Easter and all things rabbits and cuteness… She had the most beautiful and sweet bunny ears for your babe.

One of the things I find unique about this shop are the crayons. They are shaped like some of your kids favorite designs and fit perfectly in your kids’ tiny little hands. Plus they add some decorative charm to your playroom or coloring area. Check out the custom initials they offer for decorating your space, too! So frickin cute!

Email- [email protected]

Website- www.etsy.com/shop/bellasofiadesigns

Instagram- www.instagram.com/bella_sofia_boutique


I’m a huge fan of everything soft, cuddly, and velvet. As a mommy to two little girls, I’m always looking for ways to make them cute as I’m running out the door on last minute errands or for the days we get to dress up and go to events or take pictures. This shop has everything for your little lass, and even for you!

Check out the adorable headwraps in multiple designs and choices of fabrics. My favorite are the chic and super sweet velvet hair bows. You have to see them!

What I thought was interesting was her snap clip surprise for only $5.50. You order the pack of snap clips and you receive a surprise clip set, and with everything being super awesome you are sure to be pleased!

Email- [email protected]

Website- www.bowlovelylane.com

Instagram- www.instagram.com/bowlovelylane


I was immediately inspired the first time I visited this shop. I want one of her pieces in every room of my home. You can tell from first sight that she puts a piece of herself into every design she paints. There are so many great pieces of hand painted scripture art to choose from.

Mercy Creates Art triggers happiness and joy in me and I love the fact that each work of art is as unique as we are. Art is such a miraculous tool that we have for self expression and you can tell that she loves what she does and her work is straight from within her heart.

If you believe in scripture and love having it’s power in your home to see every day then I hope you check out this shop. It’s a must!!

Email- [email protected]

Website- www.mercycreates.wordpress.com

Instagram- www.instagram.com/mercy_creates

Facebook- www.facebook.com/mercycreatesshop


I was literally speechless when I saw one of her necklaces for the first time.  I am a lover of all things handmade. Both of my grandmas instilled this in me and my own grandma makes beautiful jewelry so I can appreciate work from the heart when I see it.

Do you have a unique style, a story of your own to tell? Elegance and Inspiration specializes in telling your story with their jewelry. With something for everyone, I am sure you will find a piece that speaks to your heart.

Metal work and beading is right up my alley so I fell in love right away. The handshaped metal and beading combined with great color palettes will surely capture your attention.

Email- [email protected]

Website- www.eleganceandinspiration.com

Instagram- www.instagram.com/eleganceandinspiration

Facebook- www.facebook.com/eleganceandinspiration


I am all about supporting women and creating a community of support. That’s what I believe in and why I do what I do here. So when I found out about this shop who says “your purchase provides, protects, and empowers the woman who made it” I am in 100%!

They offer beautiful clothes, jewelry, fair wages to employees, and fair trade goods. What more can you ask of a shop designed for, run by, and for women? With the Lemonade Boutique you buy into integrity, quality, and community.

My favorite piece is their paper bead necklace in blush. Basically they’re a shop you can spend all your money at and not feel at all bad about it. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

Email- [email protected]

Website- www.thelemonadeboutique.com

Instagram- www.instagram.com/thelemonadeboutique

Facebook.com- www.instagram.com/thelemonadeboutique


I’m a mom to three toddlers. Do I use dry shampoo like my life depends on it? Yes. Do I still like to look to put together and not like a perma-hot mess, uh, yeah. Lucy Lane’s Boutique offers moms like me stylish and cute on-the-go lifestyle clothing.

Not only are the clothes super chic, the accessories are the cherry on top.  Lucy Lane offers style, color, and fun to an otherwise spit up covered wardrobe.

It’s hard to pick a favorite design but if I had to it would be the Full Length Wrap Dress in Olive. It has a flirty design but you don’t have to worry about anything falling out when you bend to pick up your kid for the 1000th time or take your turn at diaper duty. It’s just for moms like me!

Email- [email protected]

Website- www.lucylanes.com

Instagram- www.instagram.com/lucylanesboutique


So this shop has alot to offer. I’ll start with my faves. The Creamy Orange CBD lip balm leaves your lips sweet and soft.  I have a hard time finding face soap that doesn’t make my face break out or dry up like a desert. Try the Pink Clay and Charcoal Face Soap for all skin types. It’s awesome! I love everything minty so when I found they had CBD Soap in Eucalyptus and Mint I knew I had to get it.

I know if you’ve been on the internet (obviously), so I know you’ve come across the new CBD medical movement that is sweeping facebook and Instagram. I have been wondering what it is exactly and why it matters for people with health needs. Change Soap offers the answers that you yourself may have been wondering. Change Soap is on a mission to change wellness. They are on the fast track to provide and educate. www.changesoap.com/blogs/news/what-is-cbd

Email- [email protected]

Website- www.changesoap.com

Instagram- www.instagram.com/changewellness


Dinos and Mermaids and Cacti, oh my! This shop has so much to offer that you can browse their amazing products all day.  If you don’t love their Retro Red Mermaid Doll, we probably can’t be friends. JK JK.

I love unique and handmade home decor for family rooms and nurseries and they offer that and more! They have floral wall hangings, cactus felt garland and others that you can use in the classroom, for baby showers, and baby’s new room.

Everything they have is super cute and affordable, bonus! Support this shop and you both win!

Email- [email protected]

Website- www.etsy.com/shop/sophandjakedesigns

Instagram- www.instagram.com/sophandjake


Are you a #dogmom? Do your babies have legs? Well then! I have something you’re going to love! Bark Rangers is a shop that specializes in making your pooch cute and comfortable as you navigate this life together in any terrain.  Custom Name Bandanas! MOM and PUP Matching Sets!!! Cool Embroidered Patches! But my favorite is the Buffalo Plaid Fringe Bandana and Scarf Set. I can imagine my Diamond doggy and myself running the town or the woods in that!

It is hard to find cute dog clothes that withstand the wear and tear that comes along with doglife. But you can find what you need at Bark Rangers, plus photos of cute doggos.

Email- [email protected]

Website- www.shopbarkrangers.com

Instagram- www.instagram.com/bark.rangers

Facebook- www.facebook.com/shopbark

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