If you’ve been on Instagram; shopped at Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, or any place that prizes themselves on style and home decor, you will have seen succulents. They’re on pillows, they have dinosaur shaped succulent plant holders, I recently saw them on fabric at Jo-Ann Fabrics. Why? Why are people so obsessed with Succulents?

It is widely believed that succulents are easy to grow, don’t need much water, and they don’t need much space; making it easy for people like me to keep them alive in my smaller home where kids rule the roost and plants make it to the bottom of the priority list.  The truth is that succulents do need watered, living in the wrong container can kill them, and without sunlight they do not do well.

To choose the succulent family that works best in your home and decor, click the picture to check out all the different kinds available.

To keep your succulents healthy this is what you should do; find a breathable container such as ceramic or cloth, like this one, —>
and try to avoid glass as they tend to hold moisture, unless you use stones to create air flow around the root system. Keep the plants where they have moderate sunlight. Water them occasionally allowing the roots to dry in between waterings. Do not water everyday or give them much at a time. As part of your plants natural growth and season cycle, and depending on the type you choose, it is normal for it to lose lower leaves and for them to crumple and fall off. If this happens do not be alarmed. If your succulent starts to lose top leaves them your plant may be sick. Try moving your plant to an area with more sunlight or adjusting your watering habits.

If you notice bugs in the plant around the stem there are treatments involving rubbing alcohol that you can use to kill eggs in the soil and on the plant itself. I personally haven’t had to do this but I know it can be a lifesaver for your pretty little plants. Mealy bugs tend to cause trouble for many types of popular succulents but they can be dealt with.

I have been successful at keeping my little garden alive and they are growing, I am notorious for being a plant murderer, so if I can grow them, so can you. I have included some links for some beautiful starter gardens. Have fun with your garden. My son and I started ours by picking a few at a local store. I let him pick some out to let him be involved in the process. He had a blast choosing and I loved watching his little gears working inside his cute little head.