What's in a name?  It's somewhat of a weird concept to me as I have been writing a new one for the past year.  I am now Amanda Siggins, newlywed. You will see my name all OVER the place, because I have wanted to be a Siggins for 16 years. My now husband was my middle school and so on sweetheart.  Mother of 3 sweet babes. Mom. Wife. Business Owner. Entrepreneur. Writer. Go-Getter. Gypsy Soul. Free Spirit. Organized Chaos Controller.

I’m no Instagram-Perfect mom, but my kids think I’m pretty awesome and that’s good enough for me. You’ll want to follow this crazy train where I discover how to lead a 3 ring circus.  Read how I discover that it is My Circus, and they are MY Monkeys! Gaze into our crazy life where I do anything I can to stay afloat in this giant goldfish tank we call life.

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