I want to teach my son that it’s okay to break sexist norms, that it’s okay that he has a doll, and that he can push his dinosaurs around in his sister’s hot pink baby stroller.  I want him to know that it’s okay play with pink toys. I want him to grow up learning from the objects around him and that the color of his world around him should have nothing to do with what genitalia he was born with.

We watch a lot of Disney movies and television shows. As big of a fan as I am of Disney it also disgusts me that there are no real Disney Princes for my son to relate to. Why are there no princes? There was Bambi I suppose, but he’s a deer, and there are lion cubs who grow to take over their kingdoms. I want little boys who are as badass as Mulan. Princes who are as free spirited and natural as Pocahontas.  A King who follows his heart and goes against his family and bloodline to love the average girl who lives in the village.  Where are they at??? Come on Disney. You give us empowering girls who break the molds and no boys who do the same? Isn’t that also sexist?

I’m sorry, Disney. We still love you. But make a prince that is just like my son and boys like him and we will love you even more.


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