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I found the Millennial’s Guide Book. Are you woke, or broke?

  The Millennial Way Somedays I wonder, “Am I woke?”, and I also wonder, Do I even know what that means? As an older Millennial I struggle to meet the expectations of the generations before me and to try to understand the ones that I’m grouped up with. I am old enough that I had the pleasure to write, ‘No …

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In the Face of Depression, What We’re Not Saying, But Need To

I want to talk about suicide and depression. Obviously, they are related because happy people don’t commit suicide. And lately it seems like either everyone is talking about it or nobody is talking about it. Between the recent deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade (Valentine), it seems like everyone is an expert on depressive disorder or willing to be …

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Summer Fun, Summer Sun

Summer is the best time of the year! You can argue that with me but you’ll probably lose. There are warm beaches, friends and family having a blast, and always best served with an iced coffee from your favorite local shop. My favorite is the Cadillac Java and Ice Cream, which is where I get my Snickers Frappe.  No matter …

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Find me in the News

Apparently over the last few years, even just a few days ago, the news crews find me and seem to want my opinion. Stalkers?!? JK. But if you want to check out some of the articles, here they are, in all their small town splendor. Cadillac Area Public Schools Bond Proposal, Back on the Ballot …

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