I am a grown woman who just happens to love herself some mermaids. I watch all things mermaid, read about them, and even dabble in decorating with them. I came across a book titled The Mermaid’s Curse… I wont say who wrote it out of respect . I thought I would love it.  I did not. I’m going to call out Spoiler Alert!  I have a hard time starting a book and not finishing it. (If only all my life projects went that way.) I finished it. It took me probably three times longer than normal.

  The book is a trifecta of sorts, a trilogy. I bought the trilogy as an all-in-one hardcover. The first one being the build up, the second was a bit of a slow moving battle of the patience to proceed, and the third a let down of epic proportions. 

The main characters Blake and Arianna find themselves in the middle of  black magic secret dealings and family disaster brought on by Blake’s reckless brother and hateful father. 

His brother is the typical douchy, womanizing, sexualized hot antagonist. His dad, a business man who controls all the lives around him and hates life. Arianna is a mermaid who loves Blake, a human, engaged to an awfully blank daddy’s girl. Blake hates the fiance, chosen by dad, of course and falls for Arianna. Arianna is the woman who shows up out of the blue, on his familys island beach, a recently turned former mermaid who traded her tail to brother’s black magic deal. 

That’s the main jist. The plot holes are what really ruined it for me. There was no clear reason why brother used and paid the price to make her human, to hurt brother and shitty fiance?

And Arianna was told by the doctor after a miscarriage that she was internally mer lady and couldnt have any more babies because the mer-men are the ones who carry and spawn the children. Yet, in the last chapter she is pregnant and watching her kid playing on the beach? How? When did that change.

And in the first chapter they say that mermaids only live 30-40 years or something, but after meeting her long lost mother, who abandoned her and her father, she learned that her mom was changed using the same black magic and is obviously older than they are supposed to age. How? 

There’s more, but I digress.

I am all for mystery using imagination to fill the story… if it doesnt affect the plot and the behaviors of the main characters. Almost every chapter left me undone, and hurting, worse than a Natalie Inbruglia song.

Basically, I forced myself to finish it. There were so many editing errors that I wanted to get out a pen and play doctor with my book. I know that it is a smaller published print but at some point in the process the book should be proof read. 

I wanted to love it, but I barely even liked it. ??

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