10 Work From Home Careers

10 ways to make a legitimate income from home in your own business Are you tired of leaving your babies at the daycare to go to a job you hate? Do you have goals to retire early? Do you want to have more joy in your life? Do you want to build a legacy business to...

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My Favorite Small Shops and Why YOU Will Love Them Too!

When I first heard the term ‘small shops’ I thought it was just a tiny store. I was super wrong. Since discovering the true meaning of small shop and the communities that surround them, I have a great respect and appreciation of what they do. Small shops are...

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My 5 Decluttering Tips

Love Your Life, Not the Things. A couple of months ago I decided to let go of stuff. And by stuff I mean in the greater sense. I want to get rid of worthless emotions like jealousy, anger, and regret. I am aware that these emotions can protect us at certain times in...

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Letting Go of 2018 to Make Room For a Fresh Start

It’s just a few days away from 2019 and this year is coming to a close. Looking back, it was a crazy ass time and I wouldn't want to repeat it. There were many good times and memories that I will take away from it, but it is also a year of heartache and loss. This...

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Is my son a bully or am I overthinking?

So, my son is “that kid” in class now. His school has already put the label "bully" on him and told me that they have a zero tolerance for bullying. But I don't think he is. I feel like he's in a rough patch and the more attention he gets about it, the more it is...

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My Oribel – Cocoon High Chair Review

Most of the things I thought I needed as a first time mom, seem absurd to me now.  I actually had a diaper bag, a DIAPER BAG! Although it may have been handy at times, when the second and third kid came along, it was shoving a diaper or two, a sandwich baggie full of...

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